1-day wellbeing courses

Mindfulness 1-day workshop

Participants will be introduced to the principles and practices that underpin mindfulness, and learn how mindfulness techniques can help manage stress, build psychological resilience, and increase feelings of happiness. Everyone will learn how to build the bit-sized practices learned into their everyday lives, getting an understanding of the science behind it and the benefits it can bring. All our trainers are registered with the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers, ensuring that participants will be taught to the highest industry standards.

Emotional resilience workshop

On this course, attendees will learn coping strategies that will help build resilience when facing emotionally challenging periods. Trainers will help staff to: acknowledge the distinction between mental health and wellbeing; build self-awareness of their personal needs; understand the ‘cycle of stress’; and learn how to react to stressful situations.


If you would like to book on to a 1-day wellbeing course, please contact Jess, our Blue Light Coordinator on:

0161 212 6461