Menopause awareness for diverse communities

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Moya O’Hagan

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Sophie Johns

Course overview

Duration: 90 minutes

Delivery format: Face to face

Audience: Those who are experiencing symptoms of the menopause and are part of the black, asian, and minority ethnic communities. 

Why should I attend this course?

We’re reaching out to people from ethnic minority communities across Greater Manchester. We attend your community space, where you feel safer and most comfortable, and deliver a session where we focus on listening, sharing and discussing our personal experiences, as well as our Top 10 Tips for surviving and thriving through menopause – taken directly from women who have attended our sessions and have first hand experience. Each session is delivered in English, Urdu and Punjabi and our resources are also multilingual. Know of a women’s community group who would find our awareness sessions useful? Get in touch today!


What's covered in the course?

The Community Awareness events aim to:

  • Raise awareness and support people from diverse communities to discuss and address the menopause.
  • Reduce any feelings of isolation whilst feeling the benefits of knowing that you are not alone and that your experience is normal.
  • Gain a better understanding of what is the peri-menopause and menopause
  • Discover the many symptoms and characteristics and associated feelings
  • Make positive life choices and choose activities that improve general wellbeing throughout the menopause years.
  • Identify behaviours that may make you feel worse
  • Feel improved self-awareness, to practise self-care including speaking with health professionals e.g. GPs and have access to further useful information and resources and support

Upcoming sessions


  • More dates coming soon
  • Contact us to book a bespoke session for your community group

How do I book a place?

This session is based on a community model where participants can drop-in to the session without needing to pre-book a place. We do however ask that anyone interested turns up for the stated start time and stays until the end of the session.

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