We are a professional training team, experts in sustainable mental health and wellbeing approaches.

More than 70% of employees have experienced mental health problems in their lives, with over 53% of employees affected by poor mental health in their current workplace.

Our training is different to other courses as it is informed by forty years of supporting people to effectively manage their mental health and wellbeing.
What we have learnt is that good mental health and wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility and our training provides a template for achieving organisational wide ownership. What you get is practical solutions we know work and a whole organisation approach to cultural change that is tried and tested.


Revolutionising Wellbeing

Training from Mind in Greater Manchester to create profound Culture Change

Revolutionising Wellbeing is a two-day sequential training course divided into two distinct phases – one mandatory foundation course and a secondary, specialised training module:

Specialist training and workplace wellbeing activities

Additional training modules and workshops

We can help you design a bespoke programme of training and events that will fundamentally change your organisational approach to mental health.

Contact us to discuss your organisation-wide Revolutionising Wellbeing training programme and our discounts available for block booking.

We offer shorter health and wellbeing options that bring benefits to individuals, teams, and to organisations.

We can offer further specialised training for those with a role or interest requiring the next level of knowledge or skills.


Bespoke themed workplace wellbeing events are also available, ensuring word gets around all levels of your organisation.


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