Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Due to the current situation, dates for this course are currently unconfirmed but you can still register your interest.

This two day course will increase understanding, confidence and practical skills enabling managers to better support and manage the mental wellbeing of their team. The first day of the course will be Mental Health Awareness, while the second day will focus specifically on building skills, knowledge and understanding for managing staff and their wellbeing.

Who is it for :

This course is specifically tailored to meet the needs of – Line managers, HR, Occupational Health staff, trade union representative.

We welcome bookings from individuals or small groups (of less than 6 people).

Learners must first undertake Mental Health Awareness training, which forms the first half of this course.

Where does it take place:

Central Manchester location

Learning aims :

  • Understand mental wellbeing in a work context
  • Gain knowledge and confidence to talk to your team about mental health and know how to help an employee who is experiencing mental distress
  • Understand the impact of ‘presenteeism’ and how to address it
  • Understand how to support staff whilst off work and returning and how you can support employees’ mental health needs
  • Reflect on your organisation’s current practice

Course content :

  • Impact of poor mental health on the organisation and key areas of mental wellbeing at work
  • The employer ‘duty of care’
  • How to spot signs of mental illness
  • Understanding feelings of shame/stigma
  • Practical tips on how to talk to team members
  • Impact of Presenteeism and how to deal with it
  • Practical steps to take when someone is off work and helping to prepare for their return
  • Reasonable adjustments and suggested tips

Length :  2 Days

Number of Learners :  Max 16

Cost : £250 plus VAT

Also available to take place at your premises on a date to suit your needs. Please enquire here.