Meet the Trainers

Our courses are ran by experienced trainers who can be found below. These trainers not only bring professional expertise, but also a personal understanding of this transitional stage of a person’s life.

Ruth Rosselson

Ruth Rosselson is a BAMBA accredited mindfulness teacher, and Resilience Co-ordinator at Manchester Mind. Her work is focused around developing and delivering workshops and courses focused on helping people better manage life’s challenges and changes.

Ruth heads up the charity’s mindfulness programme and is the creator of Manchester Mind’s Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause course. She created the course in 2020 after realising that the mindfulness practice that has helped her live better with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis would also be helpful for helping her with the experience of peri-menopause. She has been meditating for over 20 years, and teaching meditation for the last 8 years.

Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause

Karen Welsh

Karen has been teaching mindfulness and compassion based courses for the past 8 years in a variety of settings, including her own LGBTQ community. Karen has lived experience of the menopause journey and has found mindfulness based practices an extremely useful support.

Karen is excited to be delivering the Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause 8-week course and taster sessions. She is looking forward to being in the community with others on their journey, sharing personal insights and experiences, using the researched tools and practices of mindfulness alongside relaxation tools. She is passionate about understanding menopause symptoms and the affects they have on us.

Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause

Deborah Kelly

I began my mindfulness journey after a difficult period in my life. I started to notice my feelings of anxiety getting worse. As a perfectionist, I was putting myself under more and more pressure at home and at work and feeling overwhelmed. I started to have panic attacks and felt I had to do something about it, as it was starting to stop me doing things that I ordinarily would do.

Mindfulness made such a difference to me that I made a career change, leaving my Head of Function role in financial services to train with Mind to become a qualified Mindfulness Teacher. I am also a mental wellbeing trainer and enjoy working with communities and organisations running mindfulness, wellbeing and menopause programmes.

Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause

Marie Graham

I am the lead trainer and director of a small social enterprise in Salford call the Wellness Project CIC.

I am also a proudly post-menopausal woman.

I work collaboratively with a variety of organisations around Greater Manchester providing Mental health / wellbeing and menopause awareness training to wide variety of businesses, charities, and public sector organisations.

I have recently started a Masters in Positive Psychology, I teach accessible yoga and spend the rest of my time walking our dog Tilly and whenever we can, travelling with my husband Dave.

Menopause Awareness for Staff

Colette Norbury

I am a trainer, facilitator, and course creator specialising in mental health, as well as being a licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I’m experienced in working with all types and sizes of businesses and organisations in the UK and globally. This includes supporting mental health and wellbeing at work, exploring and reducing stigma, promoting conversations—and strategies—on the topic of menopause. Hence, I was delighted to be asked to join the Menopause Project!

I experience symptoms of the menopause myself and understand the challenges of balancing these with work and home life—and learning how to overcome these challenges.

I love delivering the menopause workshops because those who attend always talk of how illuminating and empowering they are.

Supporting employees through the menopause

Susan Newsham

I am a qualified mindfulness teacher. Trained by Mind in Salford, I facilitate the gold standard 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course, and the mindfulness and relaxation for menopause course.

I am delighted to be part of the GM Mind’s Menopause Project. I have lived experience of the menopausal journey and love facilitating the course – which has helped me personally; I know how helpful it would have been during my peri-menopausal years.

My background in Public Health includes several years’ delivery of health promotion programs in the community setting, and I am founder of Garstang Wellbeing.

Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause